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FaceTime For Android apk is an essential file for every android user as it allows you to FaceTime With Your Friends You use iOS Based Devices. There are many alternatives to FaceTime but the best is only itself. Many of you guys would be wondering how FaceTime Got available For Android. Well, FaceTime In real time is never available to android but we have coded the same app of iOS to Android Version. This conversion really takes a lot but the result is the same app working on a android smartphone or tablet. This app even has it’s own servers connected to apple’s FaceTime Server which allows you to FaceTime with an iOS user too. The App is free to download and has no in-app purchases. This app is really a legend and we have committed to create similar apps of iOS for Android Platform Devices. This FaceTime also works In the countries like UAE where apple’s servers are blocked, Due to it’s Own Server it works there for charm as it servers aren’t recognised there and hence no ban is imposed on it. The Server speed of the FaceTime Is Really fast and will be upgraded according to needs to make sure we give the best experience.

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Please Note that this program is Not a Copyright as some necessary changes are made to make it copy free but those changes will not threat your experience as the app has same graphics and design.


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