Facetime For Android – Best Alternatives For Facetime App

When we think of video calling, the first thing that hits the boundaries of our minds is “face time”. This is because of its popularity and its pompousness, which has made Android users ponder over the fact that ”Can they get an app like face time?”. FaceTime is an iOS platform based video calling app, it may be the most widely used, but let’s consider the fact that FaceTime was not the first app to take birth in the line of video calling apps.

This article is revealed to make the horizon of your thinking go wide enough to guide you on how one can download and install FaceTime.apk on their android phones. Okay so please take out the notebooks and remember, this app is developed by Apple Inc and can be used with mac books, iPhones, iPad, and iPod.

Now, you know that FaceTime is specially designed for iOS so just like Google Hangout, it requires Apple Id in order to chat and connect with friends and family for the wonderful video calling experience that is Free of Charge. This puts a no-no tag for the download on Android devices, but there are so many apps which you can use as an alternative to FaceTime that includes FaceTime features proving themselves as the best dupes.

FaceTime app is developed in a way that it can support any IOS device for free video calling with a forward or rear-facing camera, whereas the front-facing camera is considered, those are encouraged on Macintosh computers that are known as an insight camera.

FaceTime Video and Audio features are available only on any IOS device which is supporting IOS 7 or the newer versions of IOS 7. While the Macintosh with a front-facing camera on running Mac OS X 10.2 and further.

The suggestions google preaches us about their developed duo for your required speed as well as to match your convenience of the software that gives an assurance about the following things and ensures them:

  • All calls are completely encrypted ✔
  • It sets the quality of video upon the user’s association quickly. ✔

Well, the company is late upon certitude and certainty in this game of run. There is a wide range of apps which start from Facebook messenger till Microsoft’s Skype, and these apps allow the call to travel from audio to video on customer’s choice, extra aspirants are flourished with extra attributions like party calling.


There is a wide range of apps which can be used for the purpose of video calling between countries through different devices like Duo, hangouts, Skype, Facebook and much more. Due to Apple’s security lines and requirements, it does not allow any other Android users to seek into the boundaries of apple to use FaceTime.

This suggests that only people using a device with IOS running can be entertained with FaceTime for the video calling experience as well as another user of an Apple device. But don’t worry, here we are with our new research of founding a way to use FaceTime on android.

If you have some important people who you want to see every day and you are a very regular video caller, then there is nothing better than FaceTime for you. FaceTime provides an excellent video calling service that would never disappoint you on any level as anyone can guarantee about the quality of the audio and video in the premises of FaceTime. Google’s easy to use, cross-plat formic video calling software is now ready to be executed to conquer masses.

They have just launched their fighter which would be on the peak of antagonism against FaceTime, it was released on Tuesday which will be giving a tough Time to FaceTime and Skype, and it is a way more filled with the potential device as compared to hangouts. Google, for the first time, showed off a ray of it at its I/O meeting back in May.

Furthermore, they had put forward the encouraging factors about this application that it is quite simple and will be focusing more on the individual elements because it will offer a live view of the movie before taking the call on because of a feature called “knock-knock”. If you are looking for an autonomous face time app, then this is the right guide as it is specially designed.

Here we will tell you about the analogous ones. Your all queries and answers will be answered in the upcoming lines because you are going to get most of the data for that FaceTime android guide.

This must be clear from the up written content that FaceTime is not featured to be used in android devices, and it is only supported by a number of different IOS software. But, there is no need to be disheartened users, we are going to fill you with happiness by telling you that there are many alternative apps to fulfill your requirements of video calling.

If you are looking face time for Android, then don’t waste your time in this anything ending thing because there is no such app, but we have our apps which have all the same features of FaceTime and is a great dupe for it.

The app FaceTime android; has an effortless setup and is gaining a lot of popularity because of its unmatchable video and audio quality. But for the usage of this app, you will need a FaceTime ID of an IOS user.

  • Video and Audio Calling at the same time
  • HD Video Calling
  • best Audio Calling quality
  • Available for Free and Easy to understand
  • FaceTime for Android


When we talk about technology, we speak of progress, and one of the wonders this technology has done to us is a video call from different countries to stay in touch with your loved ones all the time, over a small portable product or handset. This is an innovation which was never in the range of foresightedness of anyone, and it seemed Unthinkable. Therefore, it will be a waste, if we would spare a thought thinking about the problems in the cross-service Units. Here are some of the best dupes that you can use on your devices, whether it is an android, IOS, mac or windows.


Skype is considered a tool that has remained a t0tal replacement to FaceTime for Android users. It permits you to make a video and audio call with your family or friends from across the world. You have to download the Skype app to start making video calls for absolutely free. You are given a choice of picking up the quality of your uninterrupted video calling according to your internet speed.

This app for PC costs nothing, and you have to download it in order to call any individual who has a Skype ID. It can also, according to your pals’ range, connect to Him through a classic video. Get this app in your range until its too late. For this, you should have a phenomenal internet connection.


  • video calling and audio calling ✔
  • instant messaging with the file-sharing feature✔
  • emojis✔
  • HD video and audio quality✔


The fastest video calling application as a video messenger app is GLIDE, which is available for Android, IOS, windows, and others. It is a combination of expressiveness of video calling and convenience of texting. This app has a different part playing in your memories because it allows a user to record videos and send it to their friends so that they can watch it later and enjoy it. You can invite people and text them as it has a limit of 50. It is the best dupe for FaceTime, if you are using smartwatch then don’t worry because it also provides access to smartwatches.


  • Video audio calling✔
  • Instant messaging services✔
  • Review your videos✔
  • Available for smartwatches✔
  • Free for Android and IOS✔


There are about five hundred million users around the globe who are connected through this app. So, if you want to Get in contact With your loved ones, then Viber is one of the best choices. It supports very few languages and does not have any advertisements. Viber is also one of the popular video calling applications. Similarly, with Viber, you can share your videos, pictures, and other items with your closed ones. It is effortless to use with the help of 3G or Wi-Fi. It is the best FaceTime for Android users as an alternative.


  • Best video calling app✔
  • 500 million users from across the globe✔
  • Viber without advertisements✔
  • Supports multiple languages ✔
  • Share pictures, videos and messages ✔
  • Free to use the app✔
  • No need to register✔


WeChat adds is another most famous application that supports Android, iOS, and windows, which is a quite simple design. WeChat is the best option to chat with people in China because it is one of the most commonly used apps. It is the fastest video and audio calling app.


  • Free video and audio calls✔
  • 8 million active users✔
  • Fast and safest video messaging✔
  • Free download and available for iOS and Android✔


Facebook Messenger adds to the list of the dupes of FaceTime. It is the most familiar app around the globe with the sector of video calling and messaging. Facebook owns this application with a call of one billion active users. There are thousands of emojis and GIFs in this application which is available on iOS, android or windows phone. You can use this messenger to chat with people who are connected with you through Facebook.


  • Amazing video and audio calling app✔
  • Send messages to individuals ✔
  • Stickers and emojis ✔
  • Make free international calls✔
  • Share videos, photos, and audio✔
  • Available for iOS, Android and PC ✔

Hope you like this article that has featured FaceTime as the main hero, and it helped you find the best dupe according to your convenience if you are an android user and were in the defamation of could not be able to use FaceTime. These alternatives are available for you beyond the boundaries of just one rounded app. They have different features; some of them are better than the actual FaceTime. The pros list goes a bit longer when it comes to how much they cost you? They are for free with no weight on your pockets. Something for free and this good is just not to be missed on any cost. So Look forward to it!