FaceTime For Android

Facetime For Android

FaceTime a Apple IOS & Mac App used for video telephony Is only released For Apple Products . FaceTime Has a Big Impact on Video Conferencing World By It’s Easy to use feature as well as A Apple brand. There are many Alternatives of FaceTime which Are Available For Android Such As Skype , Tango , Fring But these Apps Don’t give that Satisfaction Which FaceTime Does . It’s Easy to use,one touch Dial etc etc . Many people Requested and Tried getting FaceTime for android apk but failed as there is no such app till now .

facetime for android

A World Known Developers Team XDA Developed FaceTime For Android and Are developing FaceTime For Windows PC too . This is made possible Only by Their High tiring Efforts .

How FaceTime for Android app is Developed ?

FacetTime for android is made possible only by copying all the codes of IOS platform to the android .apk file then rewriting these codes to work with Android . These Codes Take a Way long time to Rewrite and Hence is a Big Success to XDA Developers.
As Coping Codes of a Branded App is illegal So We Cannot Publish the App On PlayStore . So You have to Download the apk file from Our Site . The Download button is Below .
Remember Installing the App on Your Android is illegal But Wouldn’t Cause any trouble to you as this FaceTime app has it’s own Server and It is Owned by us And Hence Apple Can’t track You Down.

Instructions To install FaceTime For Android

  • Download the rar file to your Computer Open It and Extract the apk and Notepad file from their using Winrar Or you can use Simple unrar app to extract it On Your Smartphone . Move the Apk file to your Phone If used a Computer .
  • Install It On your android and Start it .
  • After Starting it Will Ask You for a Code Which you will Find it In the Notepad file you Download.
  • Enter your email address and a username . This Will create you a unique FaceTime ID Which Will Be stored On our Server.
  • Enjoy Calling to FaceTime users of Both Apple and Android

Note : Since this is a copyright app therefore we cannot directly let someone download it . So, you have to pass a human verification Test . To Complete a Human verification test you have to complete an offer from the list . An Offer Could be Completed By Either Confirming Your Email Address / Mobile PIN . Or You can Find some apps/software which if downloaded can unlock the offer wall and let you download FaceTime for Android .

Download .apk For Android

If you have any Queries Please Contact Us From Our Contact Page.


7 thoughts on “Facetime For Android

  1. ebuapor

    Download took Too much time but worth it . Now it has let me talk to my friends of USA . thanxx

  2. amapviza

    I Got it Downloaded it and Installed it But It Crashed After some time On my Moto G

    1. Admin Post author

      Fixed For Moto G users .

      Please Comment If you find any crashes On any Smartphone . It Will be fixed and Updated